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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 04/10/2018  

Authorize the execution of a product and services agreement with BridgePay Network Solutions, LLC, to provide gateway services for the online utility bill payment system.
Currently, the City provides residents the option to pay their utility bill online and make reoccurring payments.  The use of this option is growing rapidly.  In Fiscal Year (FY) 2016/17, there were 39,321 transactions, and in the first eight months of FY 2017/18, there were already 48,802 transactions.   Plug & Pay Technologies, Inc., the vendor utilized by our current software provider, provides the gateway services for online utility bill payments at $7.80 per transaction.  As part of the transition to Munis for the City's utility billing software, we need to utilize another vendor to provide the gateway services to continue to provide reoccurring payment options for residents.  Munis only works with two vendors to provide this service; BridgePay, who will allow us to continue to use Wells Fargo as our merchant service provider, and OpenEdge which is an all in one solution that does not work with Wells Fargo.  We already have the best pricing available through Wells Fargo because we are utilizing the utility discount rate program through them.  As a result, staff is recommending BridgePay Network Solutions, LLC, at $0.10 per transaction.   
This proposed action is exempt from review under the California Environmental Quality Act (California Public Resources Code §§21000, et seq.; "CEQA") and CEQA regulations (14 California Code Regulations §§15000, et seq.) because it does not involve any commitment to a specific project which could result in a potentially significant physical impact on the environment; and constitutes an organizational or administrative activity that will not result in direct or indirect physical changes in the environment.  Accordingly, this action does not constitute a "project" that requires environmental review (see specifically 14 CCRF §15378(B)(4-5)).
There is sufficient funding in the Finance Administration proposed FY 2018/19 operating budget to cover the cost of the BridgePay contract.  Future contract costs will be budgeted for in the appropriate fiscal year.  

BridgePay Agreement

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