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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 02/11/2020  

  1. Approve and authorize the acceptance of Parcel Map No. 19846 consisting of nine numbered and one lettered commercial parcels on 10.5 acres on the northerly side of Pomona-Rincon Road at the intersection of Pomona-Rincon Road and Soquel Canyon Parkway.
  2. Approve and authorize execution of the Monumentation Agreement and the Subdivision Improvement Agreement.
  3. Accept deposit to set monuments in the amount of $15,000.
  4. Accept deposit to guarantee and warrant completed improvements in the amount of $5,524.25.
  5. Authorize the City Clerk to cause Parcel Map No. 19846 to be recorded after payment of taxes.
On October 18, 2016, the Planning Commission for the City of Chino Hills approved Site Plan Review No. 15SPR03 for the development of a 157,000 square foot freeway commercial center at Pomona-Rincon Road and Soquel Canyon Parkway, named The Rincon. This approval included several parcels planned with a hotel, a three-story medical office building, a drive-through restaurant, and a daycare use under its own Conditional Use Permit No. 17CUP02. Modifications to the Site Plan Review have been processed with the City and approved by the City’s Planning Commission and City Council, the last of which was March 26, 2019. A parcel map was subsequently prepared by the property owner’s Civil Engineer and it was reviewed by staff. 

If the City Council determines that the final Parcel Map conforms to all of the requirements of the Subdivision Map Act and the City’s subdivision ordinance, including the requirement that the applicable conditions of approval have been met, the City Council is required to approve the Parcel Map pursuant to Sections 66463 abd 66458 of the Subdivision Map Act and the Chino Hills Municipal Code Section 83.040325. The applicant has completed the final Parcel Map review process and all applicable conditions have been substantially complied with as recommended by the corresponding departments of the City of Chino Hills. All required improvements have been completed for over a year except for a street median which was completed within the last year.  A cash deposit is provided by agreement to warrant the median for a full year from date of acceptance. Finally, the monuments must still be installed, but there is a monumentation deposit agreement that guarantees their installation. Therefore, City staff recommends that the City Council approve the Parcel Map and authorize it to be recorded upon payment of the taxes.
A Mitigated Negative Declaration and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program were prepared and adopted for the project on June 13, 2017, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines and the City of Chino Hills Local Procedures for implementing CEQA. This action of approving the Parcel Map is a ministerial action not subject to CEQA and regardless, is a necessary action included within the scope of the Mitigated Negative Declaration referenced above.
There is no fiscal impact with this item.
This item was reviewed by the Community Development Director, the Finance Director, and the City Attorney.
Parcel Map No. 19846
Cash Deposit for Subdivision Agreement
Subdivision Guaranteeing Performance
Subdivision Improvement Agreement

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