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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 05/22/2018  

Approve Amendment No. 4 to Agreement No. A12-05 with Michael Baker International, Inc., in the amount of $125,600, increasing the total agreement to a not-to-exceed amount of $399,232.
On February 28, 2012, the City entered into Professional Service agreement No. A12-05 (Agreement) with RBF, Inc. for planning and design services of Reservoir 18 (5 Million Gallons), which would replace the smaller Reservoir 1 (1 Million Gallons) at the same site. 
This Agreement, in the amount of $157,200, was first amended on June 14, 2016, in order to extend the contract term to June 30, 2017, and to also change the name of RBF, Inc. to Michael Baker International, Inc.  On January 10, 2017, the City Council approved a second amendment in the amount of $116,432 for additional work, including reservoir elevation verification surveys, additional retaining wall design, drainage design alternatives, and the preparation of a Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP).  On June 13, 2017, the City Council approved Amendment No. 3 to extend the contract term to June 30, 2019, for completion of the design project and to also act as an on-call advisor during the construction work.
The project, as originally designed, included the export of large amounts of soil, which would be removed as a part of the demolition of the existing reservoir and the excavation for the much larger reservoir. This would result in the need for over 2,000 truck-trips, which would traverse the residential neighborhoods, causing significant disturbance and road wear.  Staff proposes to deposit the excess soil upon adjacent City-owned slopes in order to reduce the impacts on the community and the City’s roadways.  This major change requires an environmental analysis in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  
Staff recommends the approval of a fourth amendment to the Agreement which will including the following tasks:
  • Design adjustments resulting from the raising of the proposed bottom elevation of the reservoir to better correlate with the other reservoirs in the City’s Intermediate Pressure Zone.
  • Addition of an on-site disposal area to minimizing soil export.
  • Preparation of renderings of the completed project site for visual representation to the adjacent residents.
  • Preparation of an Initial Study to ensure the project meets CEQA requirements, in light of the changes in disposal of the excess soil.
Michael Baker International, Inc. submitted a proposal to perform the above tasks at a cost of $125,600.  Staff has reviewed the proposal and recommends that the City Council authorize Amendment No. 4 to Agreement No. A12-05 in the amount of $125,600 for a total agreement cost not-to-exceed $399,232.
This action is not a project within the meaning of the CEQA Guidelines Section 15278 and is; therefore, exempt from CEQA as it is an administrative change that will not result in any direct or indirect physical change in the environment.
The total estimated cost for this project is as follows:
Item Amount
Design Contract (expended and PO) $     556,500
Construction Contract $  5,700,000
Contingencies (10%) $     570,000
Construction Management $     835,028
Total $  7,661,528
Funding for this project will come from the following source:
Project No. Funding Source Amount
W11004 Water Facilities Fee $  7,661,528
Total Approved Funding $  7,661,528
Funds for the Reservoir 18 project were approved as part of the adopted FY 17-18 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget.  Sufficient funding exists for Amendment No. 4 to Agreement No. A12-05 with Micheal Baker International, Inc. The total approved budget for this project is $7,661,528 with funding coming from the Water Facilities Fee fund.  There is no impact to the General Fund with this item. 
This agenda item has been reviewed by the Finance Director.

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