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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 02/27/2018  

  1. Authorize an agreement with the City of Brea to contribute $20,000 as its share of the Carbon Canyon Road Traffic Study - Phase 2 expenses and authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement with the City of Brea.
  2. Authorize an agreement with Iteris, Inc. for the Carbon Canyon Road Traffic Study - Phase 2 in a not-to-exceed amount of $70,397.
Carbon Canyon Road, also known as State Route 142, is under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Transportation and spans across two counties, San Bernardino and Orange Counties. State Route 142 is often used as a commuter thoroughfare.  The segment through Carbon Canyon is approximately 8.4 miles from Chino Hills Parkway to Lambert Road in Brea, and is maintained by two separate Caltrans Districts, District 12 (Orange County) on the Brea side and District 8 (San Bernardino County) on the Chino Hills side.
An increase in the volume of truck and passenger vehicle traffic over past years has resulted in major traffic delays and safety concerns. The congestion causes significant delays for residents who live in Carbon Canyon neighborhoods, as well as other areas of the City which outlet onto Chino Hills Parkway. This congestion is further amplified when the local freeways, SR-57, SR-60, SR-71, and SR-91 become backlogged.
In 2017 the City of Chino Hills took the lead and retained KOA Corporation, a transportation engineering consultant, to prepare an initial traffic study for the Carbon Canyon corridor.  The objective of this study was to provide overall background information and recommendations on what steps to take to address the traffic issues along Carbon Canyon Road and, in particular, the large-truck traffic concerns.  KOA completed the initial study in March of 2017.  The study was then submitted and reviewed by the City of Brea, who forwarded the report to Caltrans District 12 (Orange County).  Likewise, Chino Hills City staff submitted the report to Caltrans District 8 for their comments.  
The KOA Carbon Canyon Road (SR-142) Corridor Initial Study - Phase 1 identified several tasks for the follow-up study (Phase 2).  This initial study was presented to the Public Works Commission on May 3, 2017, at which time the Commission received and filed the report and supported staff's efforts to develop a scope of work for a Phase 2 study, with an emphasis on large-truck traffic and traffic flow/safety issues along Carbon Canyon Road.
On August 21, 2017, City staff issued a Request for Proposals for the Carbon Canyon Road - Phase 2 Study.  On September 7, 2017, Public Works received proposals from the following three firms: 
  1. Iteris, Inc.
  2. KOA Corporation
  3. Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. 
On October 12, 2017, both the City of Brea and the City of Chino Hills staff interviewed all three candidates and evaluated their work experience, knowledge and approach, their ability to provide the services as needed, reports of references, and their overall fee structure.  After careful consideration, staff recommends Iteris, Inc. to be retained to perform the Phase 2 work. 
Staff is asking the City Council to authorize an agreement with the City of Brea in the amount of $20,000 as its proportional share of the traffic study and to authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement with the City of Brea.  Staff is asking the City Council to authorize an agreement with Iteris, Inc. in a not-to-exceed amount of $70,397 for the Carbon Canyon Road – Phase 2 Study.
The proposed project is Categorically Exempt (Class 6 - Information Collection) from the provisions of CEQA pursuant to Section 15306, because it consists of basic data collection, research, experimental management, and resource evaluation activities which do not result in a serious or major disturbance to an environmental resource. This study is strictly for information gathering purposes, and no action has yet approved, adopted, or funded.
There is sufficient funding in the Gas Tax Engineering Operating budget to cover the cost of the Iteris, Inc. contract.  There is no impact on the General Fund with this item.
This agenda item has been reviewed by the City Attorney and the Finance Director.

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