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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 10/28/2020  

  1. Recommend the approval of an administrative policy for, and the implementation of, the Utility Box Art program.
  2. Provide staff with direction regarding the artwork selection process.
  3. Consideration and possible action establishing a Public Art Committee, and if established appoint two members of the City Council to the committee. 
At the September 16, 2020, Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, City staff presented the drafted policy for the proposed Utility Box Art program.  In addition to reviewing and approving the drafted policy, staff requested that the Commission provide input regarding the quantity and frequency of new art displays, as well as the selection process – public submissions or internal selections. 
The drafted policy includes the sections below.  The full drafted policy is attached.
  • Purpose
  • Responsibility
  • Policy
    • Artwork Display Period
    • Artist Selection Requirements
    • Site Selection/Assignment
    • Artwork Requirements
    • Artist Expression
    • Unacceptable Artwork
  • Maintenance
  • Artwork Archival
  • Procedures
    • Application Process
    • Review, Selection, Execution Process
    • Unveiling Ceremony
    • Artwork Inspection
In an effort to pilot this program and acquire initial community feedback, staff has selected four existing photographs from its extensive library of pictures to display at the locations listed below. The photographs chosen for the pilot displays are scenic views of various points in the City (samples attached). 
  • Grand Ave Park (entrance)
  • Peyton Dr. /English Rd.  (SW corner)
  • Eucalyptus/Chino Hills Pkwy.  (SE corner)
  • Soquel Canyon Pkwy. / Butterfield Ave. (SE corner)
Should the City Council approve the drafted policy and implementation of the Utility Box Art program, staff will proceed with the coordination of selecting a vendor to have the four pilot boxes wrapped by mid-November. The artwork will be promoted to residents until the end of the year to seek feedback and support.  If support exists, staff will then move forward to officially implement the program with the goal of first round installations within the first 2-3 months of 2021. 
Regarding the artwork selection process, the drafted policy is written with the intent of having public submissions and a committee to review and select artwork, however, City staff is proposing an additional option:
An internal selection process through which staff would select photographs from existing, high-quality, professional pictures.  This option would eliminate the staff hours for promoting submissions, the review/selection process, and communication with artists. Should Council choose this option, many sections of the drafted policy will be edited or eliminated altogether. 

Parks and Recreation Commission Review 

The Parks and Recreation Commission recommends the program move forward with a public submission process and the creation of a Public Art Committee (PAC) as the policy has been drafted. 
The policy states and the Commission supported a Public Art Committee that included the appointment of two Council Members, two Parks and Recreation Commissioners and one member of the Chino Hills Community Foundation chARTS Committee.  Should the Council move forward with this proposal, staff and the committee would follow all Brown Act procedures for the PAC moving forward. Staff will meet with the Chino Hills Community Foundation on November 9, 2020, and return to the Parks and Recreation Commission on November 18, 2020, to request that each  body recommend appointment to the Council of the final 3 members of the PAC – one from the Foundation chARTS Committee and two from the Commission. Staff will bring these recommended appointments to a subsequent City Council meeting for appointment.
Regardless of which selection option is chosen, staff recommends the installation of (minimum) 10 utility box artworks annually. Funding could be attained from a variety of sources including, but not limited to grants, donations, sponsorships, or the City’s General Fund.  Note that the approximate cost to wrap one Utility Box is $600.
This proposed action is exempt from review under the California Environmental Quality Act (California Public Resources Code§§ 21000, et seq.; "CEQA") and CEQA regulations (14 California Code Regulations §§15000,  et. seq.) because it does not involve any commitment  to a specific project which could result in a potentially significant physical impact on the environment; and constitutes an organizational or administrative activity that will not result in direct or indirect physical changes in the environment. Accordingly, this action does not constitute a "project" that requires environmental review (see specifically 14 CCR§ 15378(b) (4-5)).
Impact on the General Fund is unknown at this time and will depend on the number of utility boxes that are wrapped and/or if funding is obtained from outside sources.
draft Policy

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