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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 02/25/2020  

1. Approve updates to the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual for the following policies:
  • Section 1.6 - Appointment of Chairs and Vice Chairs for all Boards and Commissions
  • Section 9.1 - Injury & Illness Prevention Program
  • Section 9.2 - Hazard Communication Program
2. Reinsert Safety Policies into Section 9 of the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.

3. Rename Section 6 Miscellaneous to Information Technology and move Email Use and Mobile Communication Device Policies into Section 6.
Since the initial adoption of the Policy Manual in 1994, it has been standard practice that new policies, policy updates, and policy deletions have been presented to City Council for approval and/or adoption. These periodic updates are needed due to the adoption of new or revised Municipal Codes, Resolutions and Ordinances, and changes to operational procedures. 

The following are brief explanations for the updates and additions as applicable.
  • Section 1.6 - Appointment of Chairs and Vice Chairs for Boards and Commission to move the reorganization process to November of each year and change the term of appointment from December 1st through November 30th.
  • Section 9.1 - Injury & Illness Prevention Program: Cal/OSHA requires all employers to have an Injury and Illness Prevention Policy. This revised policy has been updated to meet the requirements of Cal/OSHA and to provide a more comprehensive guide to providing a safe workplace.
  • Section 9.2 - Hazard Communication Program: As required by CalOSHA, the Hazard Communication Program now contains the most current revisions for the policy. The revised policy cuts out some unnecessary language and makes the policy more concise to read and implement.
  • On July 9, 2013, the Safety Policies were placed into a separate specific Safety Manual. Staff would like to reinsert updated Safety Policies into Section 9 of the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual so all policies can be accessed in one place for consistency.
  • Currently, Section 6 is labeled as Miscellaneous. Staff is proposing renaming Section 6 to Information Technology to contain all policies related to this subject. Consequently, Section 5.8 - Email Use and Section 12.8 - Mobile Communication Device Policy will be moved into this section.
This proposed action is exempt from review under the California Environmental Quality Act (California Public Resources Code §§ 21000, et seq., "CEQA") and CEQA Guidelines (Title 14 California Code of Regulations §§ 15000, et seq.), because it does not involve any commitment to a specific project which could result in a potentially significant physical impact on the environment; and, constitutes an organizational or administrative activity that will not result in direct or indirect physical changes in the environment. Accordingly, this action does not constitute a "project" that requires environmental review (see specifically 14 CCR § 15378(b)(4-5)).
Section 1.6
Section 1.6 - Redline
Section 9.1
Section 9.1 - Redline
Section 9.2
Section 9.2 - Redline

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