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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 05/12/2020  

Authorize the execution of Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. A2015-250 with Swagit Productions, LLC, to purchase a Custom Programming Upgrade to Version 3, Administration iFrame, and Video Player for Swagit’s Extensible Automated Streaming Engine (EASE™ ) for a one-time fee of $1,480 and increase the annual maintenance fee from $14,800 to $17,200 by adding the SoundSearch service to enhance streaming of City Council meetings.
The City Clerk's Office purchased the Swagit EASE™ analog software/hardware for on-demand and live video streaming along with an agenda management software in November 2015. This streaming technology has provided good quality videos and functionality of City Council agendas on the City's website for the past four years. 

On March 12, 2019, the City Clerk's Department inquired about a few issues relating to the indexing of City Council meetings. Swagit reported that an upgrade to our encoder was necessary to accomplish our goal as they had been manually adjusting the index as a courtesy to the City. Swagit provided three quotes as follows: (1) EASE™ H Streaming Appliance to switch from analog to digital transmission; (2) Caption PM 25 for closed captioning of the meetings; and (3) Custom Programing upgrade to Version 3. After consulting with the Community Relations Manager, the decision was made to hold off on the purchase of the EASE™ H Streaming Appliance and Closed Captioning until a future date and to move forward with the Custom Programing upgrade to enhance time stamping capabilities to mirror the City's agenda and to make it easier for the public to follow along. In addition, Swagit provided the City with a quote for their SoundSearch™ software to expand our spoken word capabilities to archived videos, provide speech to text (unedited Transcript) and navigable Transcript in the Video Player. This feature would allow users to search meetings by key words, as well obtain full transcripts of the Council meetings, which will also assist the City Clerk with litigation cases if any arise.

Staff is requesting that the City purchase the Swagit EASE™ Custom Programming Upgrade for a one-time charge of $1,480 and to add the  SoundSeach™ software at a recurring annual cost of $2,400 bringing the total license, maintenance, and service costs to $17,200 per year. 
This action is not a project within the meaning of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEAQ) Guidelines Section 15278 and is therefore exempt from CEQA as it is an administrative change that will not result in any direct or indirect physical change in the environment. 
There is sufficient funding in the Information Technology operating budget to cover the FY 2019-20 costs for the upgrade and first year of service fees for the SoundSearch™ service. Future contract costs will be budgeted for in the appropriate fiscal year.
This item has been reviewed by the Finance Director.
Agreement Amendment

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