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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 02/14/2017  

Approve warrant registers for warrants issued for the period January 12, 2017, through February 1, 2017, in an amount of $3,042,430.35.            
The warrant registers are listings of all payments made by the City of Chino Hills during a given period of time, exclusive of personnel costs.  Warrant registers and a wire transfers listing reflecting payments over $25,000 are regularly submitted for City Council's review and approval as an agenda item at each City Council meeting.  During the period of January 12, 2017, through February 1, 2017, payments in excess of $25,000 have been issued totaling $3,042,430.35.    
This proposed action is exempt from review under the California Environmental Quality Act (California Public Resources Code §§21000, et seq.; "CEQA") and CEQA regulations (14 California Code Regulations §§15000, et seq.) because it does not involve any commitment to a specific project which could result in a potentially significant physical impact on the environment; and constitutes an organizational or administrative activity that will not result in direct or indirect physical changes in the environment.  Accordingly, this action does not constitute a "project" that requires environmental review (see specifically 14 CCRF §15378(B)(4-5)).
The cash held by the City's various funds, including the General Fund, is reduced as a result of paying the City's authorized expenditure requests.
Expenditure Listings and Wire Transfers Listing

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